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Wedgwood may be missing an “e” but that’s all it’s missing. A great arts festival, small shops and bars surrounded by quiet streets of homes, this area is one of Seattle’s sweet spots.

Middle Class and Loving It

A modest, quiet alternative to the bustling urban environments of Ballard and Capitol Hill, Wedgwood offers residents a respite to city life. Nestled just northeast of the University of Washington, Wedgwood provides a pleasant mix between college students, young families, and long-time residents.

A product of several failed or aborted land deals and acquistions, the majority of Wedgwood wasn’t fully incorporated into the City of Seattle until the mid 1940s, leaving the young neighborhood behind the tide compared to other areas of the city. Despite this, the quiet, humble community thrives as a tight-knit, majority religious neighborhood. Three major Jewish organizations in Seattle are located in Wedgwood: Stroum Jewish Community Center, Temple Beth Am, and Congregation Beth Shalom. Two Orthodox synagogues are located within short walking distance of Wedgwood and many Christian churches occupy Wedgwood’s modest limits.

Education and Community

While the official boundaries of Wedgwood aren’t universally agreed upon (even by city officials), the area provides access to Wedgwood Elementary School, Our Lady of the Lake Parish School, Concordia Lutheran School, University Prep, and Nathan Eckstein Middle School.

The Seattle Festival Orchestra is a non-profit orchestra consisting of musicians of all ages and performs four times per season at University Prep Academy. All rehearsals occur within the boundaries of Wedgwood and the organization is considered among the most prestigous and enduring groups in the area.