Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is epitome of the what people think of when they think Seattle. Straight out of the movie “Singles,” the Hill is still teeming with musicians, clubs, venues, restaurants and some very tight pants.

Home to some of the most innovative cuisine and bustling nightlife, Capitol Hill is in a constant state of flux. New developments, new cuisine, new shops – this ever evolving neighborhood grows in popularity every year.

A History of Artistry

Long since known as Seattle’s residential area for the gay community, Capitol Hill has been home to many of the city’s most prolific and successful artists. In the ’90s, it was an affordable bastion for struggling grunge musicians despite many of those venues being located outside the neighborhood.

In recent years, the area has seen a resurgence of wealth and popularity and now boasts some of the city’s finest dining, cocktails, nightlife, music, and community events.

A Community in the Truest Sense of the Word

Capitol Hill is home to many events and historical landmarks that harken back to the earliest days of Seattle and long-time residents enjoy a tight-knit, small town feel to their community. Small, independent shops are scattered along major streets like Broadway, Pike, and Pine – many of which have been in operation for decades.

Home to the Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market, Seattle Central Community College, the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, The Northwest School, St. Joseph School, Hamlin robinson School, Holy Names Academy, Seattle Preparatory School, Seattle University, and St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, there’s plenty for friends, families, and couples to do when not bar hopping or trying the newest restaurants.

Growing Popularity, But Growing Transit Options

Capitol Hill provides access to I-5, the University of Washington, and Downtown Seattle for cyclists, motorists, and transit commuters alike, but residents of the hill are about to gain several useful alternatives to driving or biking to get around town. The First Hill Streetcar recently opened for business, providing quick transport to Pioneer Square and Sound Transit Terminals in the International District and King Street stations.

Sound Transit is set to open a subway line from Capitol Hill to connect commuters to Downtown Seattle and the University of Washington sometime in 2016.