3 Expert Tips to Improve Your Home’s Appearance Before a Showing

There are a million and one things to do when you’re selling your home. There’s paperwork, meetings, and you may still be house searching yourself. You don’t want to add prepping your house for a showing to that list. Here are three simple things that you can do one time to improve your home’s appearance before all of your showing – without breaking the bank.

1. Make it neat and organized.

A number of actions can come in to play to make your house look well maintained and neutral. In addition to the necessary cleaning, you should make sure to clear away the clutter. Clutter in a home distracts from its positive features, and you want buyers to picture what they could have in your home, not be distracted by what you currently have in it. Rearrange your rooms so that they all serve a specific purpose, and if you have the time and the funds, consider giving the walls a coat of neutral paint.

2. Take away personal items.

The whole point of a showing is to make a potential buyers feel like this could be their next home, which is made difficult when they walk in to see your vacation photos. Your personal taste may also clash with that of the buyer, which is hard to look past when they don’t have an idea of all the positives your home has to offer. So before your showings, pack up all your personal belongings prematurely for your new home with some boxes and packing tape. Select a corner of your garage where the boxes will be out of the way, combine your things with the previously mentioned clutter to put in a storage unit, or maybe a generous family member or friend could hold onto them until your new house is sorted out.

3. Boost the curb appeal.

Many situations are very reliant on first impressions, such as interviews or first dates, and your house is no exception. You only get one chance to dazzle buyers with the curb appeal of your home, so you should make sure that it immediately feels like a home they would be proud to own. Inexpensive things like mowing the lawn or weeding are great ways to spruce up the outside. You can also buy things like mulch to cover up anything that would take away from this first impression. Don’t forget to make your house number visible so buyers can find it!

Use these inexpensive tips to spruce up your home, and it won’t be on the market for long!